Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Could you choose a beautiful product?

Regardless of whether you specify it or not, we will deliver it from the cleanest one in stock. ※It becomes the subjectivity of our store.

Q.I would like you to send me the product in the image.

If the product you receive is the same as the image, it will be indicated in the product description. Otherwise, it cannot be specified.

Q. How do you describe dyeing and heat treatment?

Items that are known at the time of sale are listed on the product description page. Products that are commonly dyed or heated may not be listed. Items with scarcity value, such as natural colors and non-heating, are intentionally written.

Q.Please tell me the hole size.

Since there are individual differences due to drilling work, approximate sizes are listed. Most of the natural stone beads we sell have a hole size of 0.8 mm or less, and operon rubber, strings, and lines cannot pass through.

Q.Stones with chips and cracks were mixed.

We try to describe the product description as much as possible, but since natural stones are processed, there may be inclusions, cracks, cracks, and chips that are originally included in the raw stone. In addition, chips and abrasive residue may occur during bead processing.

Q.Do you send it for identification?

Depending on the product, it may be sent for identification. Products from new suppliers, treatments, and minerals whose names cannot be clearly identified are submitted for identification so that we can provide customers with correct information and products at reasonable prices. We are a member of the Association of Gems and Precious Metals, a general incorporated association, and have undergone expert identification.

Q. I bought the same item as last time, but it's a little different.

There may be some differences in color and size depending on the arrival lot. In order to reduce the error as much as possible, we create a product page for each purchase. Please make your decision based on the images on the product page.

Q.Please attach a receipt.

If it is necessary for procedures such as corporate name or tax, please contact us from the remarks column when ordering. (In most cases, we think that you can use the statement included with the product, so please check it.)

Q.Is it possible to request delivery at a sales office or pick up at a convenience store?

There is no problem if you can specify the delivery address for the office stop. Please make sure that the shipping address information is correct.

The system does not allow receipt at convenience stores, so please change the delivery address of Yamato Transport by yourself after shipping from our store.

*Registration to Kuroneko Members or Business Member is required.

Q.Can I make a bank transfer?

Yes. It is possible.
If you specify bank transfer at the time of ordering, the transfer account information will be displayed after the order is completed. Available banks are "Paypay Bank", "Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank", and "Japan Post Bank".

Q.Can I do a product review?

A review request email will be sent automatically from the system 3 days after the order is shipped from our shop. If you have purchased multiple items, one of the items will be automatically selected. You cannot review a product other than by sending a review request email after purchase.

Q.Can you sent abroad?

yes. Please choose Fedex for deliverly service provider